Bloody Fish Sores

Okay so….as if the situation could not get any worse, IT DID.

Woke up this morning and Speckle was covered from about half her body down in bloody, painful-looking sores. They are bright red and black. Interestingly  her tail seems better - but she seems to be in a lot more pain overall right now. 

So I went to some out-of-the-way petstore today (no car access, had to walk) and got some Maracyn 2 (as the symptoms all point to septicemia) and asked the guy at the pet store what I should do. He advised some baking soda to raise the pH (which I did, and she’s definitely breathing better) but I also added the Maracyn because huge open sores+tank bacteria= abscess waiting to happen. I also took the filter sponges out of my filter, and added an extra filter (sans sponge) I had lying around to get more oxygen circulation. The guy at the petstore gave me some anacharis for her to nibble on while I’m gone, free of charge (nice!).

So now….I wait. I hope she gets better, because I want her to experience fishy paradise 37 gallon tank and also some friends, but I’ve done LITERALLY EVERYTHING I can possibly do now, and it’s up to her to recover. 

Should I leave the filter sponges out, btw? Or put them back in? I don’t think it really matters….they’re carbon so I think they’re actually filtering OUT the ammonia, which could be part of the problem :/ 

  1. fuckyeah-goldfish said: Carbon sponges should only be used in the aquarium to filter out medication :) good luck with your fish, I’ve dealt with goldfish disease too and I know how shitty it is.
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